I am Maurice. I run a large Dutch guitarists community web site as a non-profit project. It is a very friendly community with a lot of helpful people hanging around. The most important part of this site are the forums, which are visited and used a lot.

As I started my web site, I wrote about all code myself from the ground up, including the forum code. This was first done using the Zope platform. This platform did not really fit my long term needs though (it was still a bit limited and bloated back in those days, I have no idea how good it is nowadays), which made me switch to this new language “PHP“. Around 1999, I started using the PHP based forum software “Phorum 3” as a replacement for the forums.

Over the years of using Phorum 3, I had changed a lot of core code to make it behave exactly like I wanted for my web site. That made upgrading a really cumbersome process, since I had to redo my changes over and over again. Until 2005, when I touched Phorum 5 for the first time. It was like I got struck by holy lightning when I discovered that this Phorum version had a module system on board, which could be used to change and extend functionality, without touching the core code. I fell in love right away.

Ever since, I have been working on Phorum 5 and in September 2005, I got invited by the other Phorum developers (Brian and Thomas) to join the team

Within the Phorum team, my main goals currently are:

  • Being anal about writing all my code formatted within 80 characters per line;
  • Supporting integration and embedding Phorum in other applications;
  • Making the module system as flexable as possible;
  • Using that module system to write modules;
  • Implementing a clean core API layer;
  • Writing and maintaining Phorum documentation.

Have fun reading my blog! If you have support questions regarding Phorum, then please use our support forums. If you want me to write an article about some module authoring subject, then please feel free to drop me a line with your request (maurice at phorum dot org).


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