Docbooking the Phorum software

April 14, 2006

This week I have been looking for better ways to document Phorum than using the Wiki on the website and text-files in the distribution. I am very enthousiastic about what Docbook has to offer for this. Therefore I have started a project to put all Phorum documentation in the Docbook format.

Those who are interested can take a peek at the results so far. The first thing that is documented is the template system and the new version of the template language in Phorum 5.2.

Since you will probably be one of the users of the Phorum Manual, suggestions for what you want to see in there are of course welcome.

Beware that the documentation is for Phorum 5.2, so there might be things in there that do not apply to the current stable 5.1.x release of Phorum!


2 Responses to “Docbooking the Phorum software”

  1. LusyaSmith Says:

    How can I find the main page?

  2. mmakaay Says:

    The documentation main page can be found under the “DOCS” link over at

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